Why Pakistani Suits Are Irresistible?

The shared love for Pakistani Suits amongst people across the border establishes an unannounced bond of connectivity. New-season launches from brands like Gul Ahmed, Khaadi, Élan, Junaid Jamshed, Al-Karam Studio, MARIA.B, Bareeze, Firdaus Lawn, Nishat Linen, Sana Safinaz to name a few, are awaited with the same fad in India as it does in Pakistan. A very valid question repeatedly asked-what makes Pakistani suits crowd-pleaser and desirable. 'Pakistani Suit' has been synonymously used for 'Pakistani Lawn Suit'. The Lawn fabric is manufactured majorly in Pakistan in contemporary times. It has not just bloomed business in the domestic market but also made its mark in other countries, especially in the South-Asian countries.

The Indian market has been witnessing many takers for Pakistani Lawn suits, mostly in the metropolitan cities. There is a cultural context behind the introduction of Pakistani suits in India. In the mid-2000s, Pakistani dramas got televised in the Indian households as a part of friendly gesture from across the border. People in India got spontaneously connected with the content and the fresh take on dramas that India had known previously. The stories were relatable, crisp and short that spoke with thousands of people and hence, became an instant hit amongst the people. People got introduced to the other side's clothing and fashion that was also fresh and unlike what they used to be wearing in terms of designs and fabric. The trend of knee-length kameez to straight pants, all of it was started on the other side. As believed by clothing traders, this was the turning point for the demand of Pakistani suits in India. It has been ever since celebrated and desired by the people of India. In today's time, we have multiple ways to follow and get access to fashion and clothing across the border.

The other aspect of its popularity and desirability includes a detailed understanding of what it has to offer. Pakistani suits come in different style and fabric but what stands out is the Lawn suits from Pakistan. The quality of the fabric is airy, light-weight, smooth-textured that makes it ideal for all the seasons but mostly preferred for summers. The light-weight and comfortability that cotton lawn suits offer is the most promising feature that makes it irresistible. What keeps it in demand is its universal reach across the social and economic divide. The price range is vast, makes it accessible to people belonging to different socio-economic backgrounds. From the simple and elegant printed cotton lawn for daily use to embroidered party wear all get covered in the umbrella term of Pakistani (lawn) suit. The price varies from a few hundred to several thousand per suit piece, depending on its design and pattern and the fabric quality. From luxury wear to daily wear, lawn suits offer and appeal to everyone.

As discussed earlier, Pakistani T.V dramas brought credibility through its characters amongst the Indian audience. The simplicity of the lead, as well as other characters, were relatable as compared to what they have seen in the Indian serials connected the missing link that Indian audience longed for from their T.V dramas. This made people, across the border, want to wear similar clothes and fashion trends. The quality and price range of these clothes made it accessible for people to follow Pakistani fashion and trends.

The influence Bollywood celebrities have on people is immense and unavoidable. The marketing strategy to endorse and advertise has been using Bollywood celebrities, making them the brand ambassadors. The same approach has been used by some of the fashion designers in Pakistan as well. Not only local celebrities from Pakistan but also Bollywood stars have made their appearances in advertising and photo-shoots at the launches of their collection time and again. Keeping in view the target audience, marketing is done accordingly.

Kareena Kapoor in Faraz Manan

(Faraz Manan Lawn Collection featuring Kareena Kapoor)

Some of the Bollywood stars featured at the collection launch of Pakistani designers and established brands such as Élan, MARIA.B include Jacqueline Fernandez, Deepika Padukone, Karisma Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif. These faces set a bond of trust amongst the Indian customers, which consequently increases the demand for Pakistani suits.

– Posted by Maliha Tabassum