Benefits of Buying Dress Material for Salwar Kameez!

A classic Indian & Pakistani dress, Salwar Kameez is a perfect dress for parties, weddings, or a workplace. Moreover, it is presently among the most stylish and in-demand women's clothes around, and hence it is one of the must-have apparel in every Indian women's wardrobe. However, it has to be noticed that salwar suits have undergone a huge transformation since the past few years. There are various options like Anarkali suits, dhoti style kurta, parallel salwar, and many more. All these are available readymade in the market, or one can also buy unstitched or semi-stitched material.

Though everyone has her own choice but buying dress material over ready made salwar kameez has a lot of benefits. Surprised? Yes! I am not kidding. So, let's have a look at a few major benefits unstitched fabric offers.

Unique Body Types

It goes without saying that every individual has a unique personality and body type. And, hence all women differ in their body figure and curves. Some ladies may have a stout neck while the others may have a heavy bust line. Similarly, some women may have a narrow shoulder line while on the other hand, some may have heavy arms. Not only the body type, height, and body shape also affects the overall look of Salwar Kameez. Like, a long kurta may not suit a woman having short height as it would make her look meek.

Hence, most likely you need to get altered your readymade salwar kameez according to your body figure or height. However, altering an already stitched cloth never fulfills a purpose and give it a complete look. Moreover, it can even mess up the fabric or design of your salwar kameez.

Prioritize Your Personal Taste

Here, the dress material takes an edge over the readymade suits available. After buying dress material, you can get it stitched as per your choice and taste. You can decide the neckline, the length of the suit, the pattern of the sleeves, the lacework or buttons, and many other things that cannot be decided by you if you buy a readymade one. For instance, a woman with heavier arms would like to go for long-sleeved kurta, and a tall woman would prefer a short kurta.

Moreover, sometimes it's tough to find a perfect size readymade dress, but by picking up dress material, you can get it stitched accordingly. If you like Patiala, get it stitched that way while if you prefer Anarkali, go for it. You will get an awesome dress of your choice with a perfect fit, and what else a woman wants?

In addition, by picking dress material, you can also experiment with your fashion sense. Yes, actually! You can get your dress material stitched in unique patterns or styles. Also, you have the option of pairing up different designs and see how it works?

Bottoms & Dress Material


Talking about bottoms, it is also an essential part of the dress which completes the look. And, in the case of salwar, it isn't easy to get the fitting right as its shape is distinctive.

Hence, if you buy a piece of unstitched fabric, you can get the exact measurements as per your comfort and elegance. Also, options like churidar, palazzo are available and you can opt-out for your desired one.

Cost-effective Dress Material

Also, there's another secret advantage, but I would like to reveal it here. You may be surprised to hear, but if you buy dress material instead of readymade you are saving your precious money as well. It is cost-effective. Many luxurious fabrics can be bought at a lower cost than the finished items made from the same material.

Even, there are many cheap unstitched fabrics available with attractive prints like Madhubani, Batik, abstract designs, and many others which you could rarely see in readymade suits.

The Fashion Trend

Talking about my personal experience, I have seen my mother and even my grandmother keeping a spare dress material at home. And, believe me, it is actually very helpful. The world of fashion is really unpredictable. Today, long kurtas are trending, and no one knows what's going to be the trendy next? Hence, in such a case, ladies play smart. They buy the fabric, and whenever there's a party or any get-together, they get it stitched according to the latest trend. Yes! I appreciate that. It saves one from a lot of anxiety or stress of rushing to the market to buy a new dress of your choice.

So, you might be surprised after reading this, but it will be helpful to you for sure. Salwar Kameez is an evergreen dress in India and is still as significant as it was many years ago. It is perfect for special occasions like festivals or weddings where you want to stand out from the crowd. Readymade suits may make you look good, but undoubtedly suits that you will get stitched as per your taste will be the best. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Find the best-unstitched material, place the order, and get it perfectly stitched. And, mix and match it with classic Kundan jewelry and an elegant handbag for a classy look.

– Posted by Ishita Rai