Crepe Fabric: 4 Crispy Details About It

-By Anushka Batra

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Crepe fabric has come a long way from getting worn by women at times of mourning in western cultures to being an essential element in the fashion world. It is a thin fabric known for its crinkled surface, unique rippling and three-dimensional texture.

Traditionally, this material gets made out of silk, but now a wide range of fabrics including cotton, rayon and chiffon are utilised to make it. Garments made out of this textile are crisp, delicate and used for ceremonial occasions.

This material has become so popular that other cultures around the world have incorporated its various types in their textile manufacturing.

Origin & History of Crepe

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Historically crepe was known as ‘crespe’ or ‘crisp’ but there is no clear indication of the origin point of this fabric in the history of human civilisation. The reason for this is the simple manufacturing process of crepe which made various cultures incorporate it at one stage of development or other.

In India, this fabric is readily used in traditional garments whereas orthodox Greek women still wear crepe on occasions of mourning.

This material gained popularity outside of mourning attire during the 19th century in West. A company called ‘Courtaulds’ completely dominated the crepe manufacturing market for several years. This company was also responsible for experimenting with different types of crepe weaves and materials and giving the public what they wanted.

Types of Crepe Fabric

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This fabric has dozens of type but here are the seven most popular kinds:

Aeroplane- This textile variant was trendy during the mid-19th century. It has a distinctive gauze-like texture. However, the aeroplane is not in production anymore. But many modern types of crepe still mimic attributes of this classic textile.

Bauté Satin- This is a famous French fabric variety that still gets used widely. It is a unique intricate design because it incorporates warp woven satin with a reverse plain crepe design.

Canton Crepe- Originally, this type of material was produced exclusively in China. However, with the coming years, this beautiful fabric type spread all across Asia and is still seen in many Asian-inspired crepe garments.

Crepe Anglaise- This is a French term used for black and white English mourning crepe. It was almost used synonymously with the rural English lifestyle. The only true crepe Anglaise was last made in 1940 by Courtaulds.

Crepeline- This is another branded crepe type that was in heavy use during the 1800s. It gets reputed for its incorporation of various modern textile production processes.

Crepon- This fabric type gets considered as a mainstay of the latter half of the 19th century. It is generally made of heavier fabric and gets regarded as distinctive.

Plisse- This textile variant gets chemically treated to result in a puckered texture. It is a popular type and gets mainly used in the making of evening dresses. 

Advantages of Crepe

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This fabric is in high demand all across the globe because of its unique look, comfort and light-weight feel. The best part about incorporating crepe in clothing is that it wraps easily and does not wrinkle at all.

It has an effortless fall which makes it perfect for getting worn on formal occasions. Moreover, it gives the wearer a thinning appearance if that is what you are looking for.

Apart from the formal occasions, you can wear crepe on a day-to-day basis because it requires little to no pressing, it is soft and comfortable.

It is an absorbent fabric and hence is available in various dyed colours and printed designs. It can also get embroidered, decorated and woven with multiple patterns for an ethnic touch.

Variety & Uses of Crepe Fabric

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Crepe always gets considered as the tremendous ethnic fashion fabric but only recently it has cemented its place in the Indian fashion collection. This material gets widely used in making of stylish sarees, kurtas, anarkalis and salwar-kameez.

For winter wear, it’s preferable to opt for beautiful tunic or dresses made out of wool crepe. On the other hand, the cotton crepe is ideal to be worn in summers.

For a formal or party wear look, you can choose silk or French crepe fabric as both have a lustrous sheen look and are usually used to make lehenga-cholis and sarees. Satin crepe is also great for formal wear and gets used for various ethnic wear.

Since crepe does not get made in India, people often consider it as modern or western form of fashion. However, this is far from the truth because Indian artisans are adapting various excellent variations of it since centuries.

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