Khalid Raza Khan: Founder & CEO

Khalid Raza Khan is the Founder and CEO of YourLibaas. He founded YourLibaas in 2014 while pursuing a computer engineering degree from PICT, Pune. The primary motivation was the increasing trend of lawn apparel gaining popularity within India.

Khalid was brought up in the Middle East, wherein he came across people from different nationalities and espoused a bridge of cultural exchange between India and the International community. Khan named the portal YourLibaas owing to the literal meaning of the Urdu word - "garment or attire". 

Khalid was born in India but moved to the Saudi Arabia during his childhood where he spent most of his early life. His vision is to build YourLibaas as a sustainable and high-performing business. He envisions it to not only be focused on profits, but on the social impact too. Khalid is married to Shahper Khan who is currently the COO and Creative Director at YourLibaas.

Prior to YourLibaas, he experimented with multiple Internet startups but achieved limited success. Some of the notable ventures included EasyAdmission - an online admission consultancy, - a Bollywood news portal, and - an online youth magazine and radio station.

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