The Any Occasion Any Season Fabric: Cotton Will Always Reign Ethnic Fashion

When we think of cotton, we usually think of the summery air and the sun shining bright, and somehow the colour white dominates our perception. But cotton is much more than that!

Not only is there a plethora of colours in which cotton fabric can be dyed for vibrance, but there are also several occasions throughout the changing seasons where you can wear cotton outfits without a doubt.

Styling cotton into whatever your heart desires is a cakewalk. The beautiful and comfortable array of clothing that results from this textile offers so much more than just comfort! Here are some handpicked Pakistani Outfits that YourLibaas brings to you so that you can make your summery affair worth it!

Keeping it Casual

Everyday wear-and-tear can be best tackled with cotton outfits. Comfortable and durable, they are the right choice for daily wear as they don't hamper you with the excessive hassle and allow your skin to breathe as you sweat through your daily chores.

Just because an outfit is to be worn every day does not mean that it has to compromise style for durability. Cotton holds dye well, and the wide range of patterns in cotton outfits can attest to that. So if you go for a cotton outfit for a casual occasion, you will surely have plenty to choose from.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Radiant White 

While you may think that a white cotton outfit has now been overworn, be assured that it will never go out of style. White outfits still stand out and even more so when a bright colour is added to the mix.

Not only a coloured dupatta will be eye-catching, but will also raise the overall appeal of your look. Ideal for summer, you can also choose to wear this when there is a chill in the air and leave the rest to the insulation the cotton fabric will provide.

What Tops Black? NOTHING!

As much as white is ethereal, black cannot be eliminated from the equation. Black is a popular favourite, and you can easily spot women wearing black outfits, each as unique as they come.

If you are opting for a black cotton outfit, either you can go all-black or merge it with some colours for a more dynamic effect. As much as an all-black outfit is desirable, you should take advantage of cotton's strong bond with dyes and opt for a bit of colour in your black ethnic wear.

Celebrate with Elegance

Cotton's versatility knows no bounds. It allows for successful blending with other fabrics, and the results are outstanding. As much as ethnic wear is known for its elegance, cotton is known for its comfort.

In an outfit for a special occasion, make sure that you find the right blend of comfort and style. It should be easy if you go for cotton or cotton blend fabrics.

Dash of Colours

A dash of colours is often favourable on casual or special occasions. No fabric will support you better than cotton when it comes to colours.

Colour combinations and multicoloured patterns are both popular choices in cotton outfits. If you like making bold statements with your outfits, you can jump from a dash of colours to a riot of them. Cotton has your back!

Beyond styling, cotton has so much to it. The popularity of cotton is well-founded in its characteristics that vouch for its value in the textile industry. Here are some reasons why cotton is the right choice:

  • Soft as a Feather: The fabric is as light as it is smooth and goes easy on your skin without making you feel uncomfortable in your new outfit.
  • Breathable: An extension of the above-mentioned quality, cotton is right for your skin as it allows it to breathe and does not cause any irritation.
  • Durable: You can wear your cotton outfit multiple times without any fear of wearing it.
  • Holds Dye: The plethora of colours previously mentioned? They are made possible because of this quality.
  • Insulation: Cotton is widely chosen in the summers but do you know that it also provides insulation in the winters? The cotton fibres trap air between them and keep you cosy while the temperature drops.

So the next time you find yourself in a bind about what fabric to pick, here's a hint: Cotton Will Always Rise To The Occasion.

With the designs and features that cotton offers, it does not seem likely that the throne it holds in the fashion industry will be bequeathed any soon. Style and have fun with this gem of a textile. For many more products made of this beloved fabric, log on to our official website YourLibaas and shop till you drop!

– Posted by Anusha Lal